10 Bad Habits To Break To Get A Valentines Day Date

You want to get a lover this Valentines Week or Valentines Day, don’t you? All of us want someone to have a Valentines Day date this February. I know how exactly it feels having no one. All your friends got someone! Still, you are lonely, desperate, and craving out for love. Why does this happen? Do you want to know? Maybe, you have some of the following bad habits that ruin your relationship.

Bad Habits To Break To Get A Valentines Day Date

10 Bad Habits to Break To Get a Valentines Day Date

I have compiled a list of ten bad habits that repels the opposite gender from you.

#1. Talks too much and Listen to Nothing

If you want to have a lover, you must balance well between talking and listening. I am not saying you to keep silent when you are with your special someone. Just say things that matter and listen when your partner is the one talking. It is just a simple give-and-take process. Don’t cut them off in the middle of talking. Listen to them and share your opinion once you get the chance.

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#2. Not Taking Good Care of Your Body

If you don’t take good care of your body, you have the slightest chance to have a lover. People love well-shaped bodies. You have to exercise every day and be conscious about your body.

#3. Not Getting Over Your Past

You might have faced a lot of sorrows in the past. And, you know there’s nothing you are going to get by recollecting the memories. So, get past it. Don’t live in your past.

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#4. No Eye Contact

Aren’t you making eye contact when you talk to the opposite sex? Eye contact connects the people together. Moreover, your words seem more credible as well. So don’t forget to make eye contact. But avoid looking like you want to kill or look like a creepy owl gawking silly.

#5. Uttering Monosyllabic Answers

This is the opposite of what you read under #1. When people ask you something, you shouldn’t say monosyllabic answers like yes, no, etc. Try to make a conversation. Open a topic and encourage an exchange of point of views. Don’t make it a one-sided talk.

It makes them think that you are not interested in the conversation. Bear in mind, the boundary line between talking too much and talking too less is blurry. You need to find limitations. Stay on it and keep on doing it.

#6. You are not Complimenting

People love compliments, especially when it comes from their loved ones. Even if you don’t have the habit of complimenting others, you should develop it. Do you want a lover? Then, you should compliment them.

#7. You are a Terrible Liar

How do you feel when you find out someone you care about lied to you? The same feeling is universal. So, you should tell the least number of lies. I know it is impossible not to tell at all. And, make sure others don’t find out what you say is a lie.

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#8. Not Saying what’s on Your Mind

If you want to have a lover, you must be transparent about your emotions. Let me tell you why. When you step into a relationship, that person gets to know about you. And, they will find out when you say something and mean something else.

#9. Lacking Self-Confidence

You should be confident. But keep it at bay and not look arrogant. Humility is still sexy so keep it balanced. Your self-confidence makes your partner proud.

#10. Not Having High Goals

You should live a goal-oriented life. If you don’t have any goals in life, most possibly you will have a few flings, nothing serious.

Wrapping Up

So, you should avoid these ten bad habits to get a lover.

What do you say?

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