The best thing about Valentines week is that it gives a chance for many love stories to get an awesome beginning. And when it comes to Valentine’s week, there is a special day allotted for Chocolates. Chocolates are something which everyone loves to eat, be it a kid or a grown-up adult. Chocolate Day falls on 9th February every year, which is the 3rd date of Valentine’s week. The fact which makes Chocolate Day even more special is that if you are concerned about this date then it means you have successfully executed the Rose Day and the Propose Day.

It is true that many one-sided lovers fail to be able to celebrate the chocolate day with their crush because they either face rejection on the Rose day or on Propose day. Chocolate day is actually the start of the romantic days of the Valentine week. And as we all know in romance, nothing is better than Chocolates. It is scientifically proven that Chocolates stimulates the romantic feeling in the brain, so it is certainly a good idea to Gift Chocolates to your lover.

Gifting chocolates with some ultra romantic lines would give you required acceleration for continuing Valentine’s week even better. There are already millions of quotes on Chocolate Day on the Web, but only plenty of them are actually good. It will eat up a lot of your time if you go on the journey of hunting and filtering good quotes for Chocolates Day. As an aid, we have built up the collection of 20 highly romantic and original quotes/lines for Chocolate day.

Happy Chocolate Day 2018: SMS, Facebook Status, WhatsApp Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

#1 Most of the relationships are like Chewing Gum, they taste sweet but become hard afterward. But ours is like a Chocolate, it tastes awesome till the end.

#2 Here is the first reward for accepting my Rose on the Rose Day and me on the Propose day. There are more to come in the future, be with me because love is in the Air.

#3 Come closer as I got a Cadbury, Never go away as I got Nestle as well.

#4 I love dark shades, for example, your hairs and Chocolates.

#5 You heart is just like Chocolates, harder in the beginning but it melted with time.

#6 Take this Chocolate as a bribe to enter your heart.

#7 Just like Chocolates have added Caramel, Nuts, and cream. I will add your life with happiness, love, and respect.



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