Baby carriers are one of the best things which you can use to carry your baby and keep your hands free at the same time. However, you need to know some things about it before you start using it.

#1 Check whether your baby has to face outwards or inwards: Some best baby carriers 2018 are designed such that your baby has to face inwards while some are designed such that your baby has to face outwards. Thus, you must check the design of your baby carrier.

#2 Comfort: Make sure that your baby is comfortable enough to sleep while in the carrier. If not, try repositioning the baby to make him/her comfortable.

#3 The right size: The baby carrier you are using for your baby should be of the right size. If the carrier is large, your baby might slip out of it, and if it is small then, your baby will be very uncomfortable in it. To check the size, you must check whether the openings are large enough to let legs kick freely but small enough that your baby can’t fall down or to one side.

#4 Safety: You must ensure that all the belts and straps and put properly. If you neglect them, you are exposing your baby to grave danger.

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