5 Ways How This Valentines Week Can Change Your Life5 Ways How This Valentines Week Can Change Your Life

The Valentines Day fever is in the air. I know some people have different looks on their face while reading this. In this article, I am going to share five ways through which this Valentines Week can change your life. Don’t worry if you are single. You are going to get something as well by reading this. So, Yes! You should read this article definitely. So shall we begin? Here you go!

Ways Valentines Week 2019 Can Change Your Life


Yeah, Valentines Week is the set of eight days for lovers. But I didn’t mean romantic partners. There are a lot more you can do even if you don’t have a romantic partner. I am sharing both ways here.Valentines Week 2019

#1. Confess Your Love

I know it feels scary. You are afraid that whether he/she accepts your love or not. Get over that thought. You must confess your love this week. There are multiple ways you can do it.

Is he/she your friend? If she/he is, you know what that person likes or what his/her favorites are. So, it is easy for you to propose. Don’t hold that feeling any longer. If you don’t act soon, you will regret later. Maybe, she/he is in the same state as you.

#2. Relish Your Love

Maybe you have a romantic partner. I know how love works. We all go through it crazily for a few months. But once the honeymoon period gets over, you will not feel the same way about it.

You will start fighting, criticizing, taking for granted, blaming, and what not. You know what? It happens in every relationship. The beauty is how you handle the problems. You must buy a present for her/him. Decide that you will send at least one romantic message each day.

#3. Start Loving Singlehood

You may not have a lover. But you know what? No one can love you more than yourself! Yeah, it is the truth.

Don’t get into a relationship in a rush as the Valentines Day is approaching. You can love yourself. Make a bucket list and fulfill each one this Valentines week. And, you must take care of everything for yourself.

Do you want to write a book? Start it now. Start following your dreams with no strings attached. Remember that singlehood comes also with freedom.

#4. Get a Pet

A lot of people give their pets a gift on the Valentines Day. Still, you think it is the day for the romantic relationships?

No, you are wrong!

It is the day to celebrate your love towards anyone and anything. Do you love having a pet? Get one today. You will be so happy during the Valentines Week.

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#5. Bring A Person Whom You Hurt the Most Back Into Your Life

You might have hurt a lot of people in your life. Think about one person whom you hurt the most. Have you got the name? Are you going to spend this week with her/ him?

Don’t ask me how. There are a lot of ways to do this. Search on social media. Ask their friends or visit their home. Mend broken bridges and wasted friendships.

Wrapping Up

So, you have got five life-changing ways through which you can celebrate this Valentines Day and spend the whole week.

What do you say? Are you ready for it?

Valentines Day 2019 Memes Collection (New and Latest Memes)Valentines Day 2019 Memes Collection (New and Latest Memes)

Valentines Day will come soon, and It’s only a matter of days. Valentines day is special for lovers. Thus, It’s celebrated with joy all over the world. However, some people will be feeling sad on this Valentines Day or any other days of Valentine week. For some, their lover is away from them. Or perhaps they just don’t have someone to celebrate the Valentines day this year. But don’t fret. We have gathered some Valentines Day 2019 memes to cheer you up. Read on and check them out.

Anyhow, whatever the reason is, it’s always fun to see some cool Valentines Day memes online. I had shared some funny Valentines Day memes for this blog since last year. But for this year I created some new Valentines Day 2019 memes to share with you. Feel free to download and share these memes whenever you want.

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Valentines Day 2019 Memes & Funny Image Cards (New)

Valentines Day 2019 memes


Use things, not people. Love people, not things.

So You Have A Valentine...... REALLY-

Love – it is the light of life. Marriage – it’s light bill.

Like some, love some, trust none

It looks like you’re suffering from a lack of Vitamin Me.

If you love someone who doesn’t love you, it means you are waiting for a ship at the airport.

I missed my breakfast, when believed people saying that we can live on love.

Can I borrow a kiss- I promise I’ll give it back.

New Memes Disclaimer: I created these memes, So if you like these please drop a comment below and let me know. Your comment matters. Also, share some suggestions for me too.

Valentines Day 2016 Memes (Old Ones)

Old Memes Disclaimer: All of these funny memes are collected from the internet, I created none of these. We respect the creative individuals who created these, but sadly, we don’t know who they are.

best Valentines Day 2019 gifts

Best Valentines Day 2019 Gifts For Him (Boyfriend/Husband/Friend)Best Valentines Day 2019 Gifts For Him (Boyfriend/Husband/Friend)

Valentines Week Gifts Guide: Gifts are considered to be one of the best objects which can be shared with your beloved ones in the festive seasons. It becomes much important to select the best gift for your man. Though men do like everything they get as a gift from their beloved woman, the gift must be unique and memorable throughout his life. There is a statistics that states around 85 percent of the Valentines Day gifts are being bought by the women. That just means they know what their men want. Even then, I’m listing out some of the best Valentines Day 2019 gifts that could be presented to their handsome love.

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Some of the best Valentines Day 2019 gifts for him


valentine's day gift shoes for him

valentine’s day gift shoes for him

This is one of the genuine things you can give to your boyfriend. There are a variety of shoes available to use in different cases. You can choose a particular type of shoes which your partner will use regularly. It could be like casual shoes, formal shoes, or sports shoes. This thing is really awesome for gifting to your man. There are lots of well-known and genuine brands currently available in the markets.

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valentines gift wrist watches for him

valentines gift wrist watch for him

This is one of the best and common gifts you can give to your man. There are varieties of watches available both in stores and online. Today, many watches are available with a lot of functionalities available in it. Functionalities like GPS locator, temperature sensor, and many more. Bracelets are also a unique gift which you can present to your guy. Bracelets are available in multiple styles which are meant for both formal and funky looks.

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valentine gift ring with initial for him

valentine gift ring with initial for him

The ring is always considered as a gift of love worthy of a lifetime. These things are exchanged mostly in wedding scenarios. A ring with the initials of you both printed on it becomes a wonderful and most memorable gift to him. He would protect that gift even by sacrificing his life. It would become that much important to him. He would definitely think that you are with him in the form of the ring. It is going to be a most sentimental gift for him if you present it on Valentines Day.

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Valentines Day 2019 Apparels

Though men give less importance in dressing when compared to a girl, he would give much importance to the dress which you are presenting him. Generally, there are vast ranges of collections available for men. It includes T-Shirts, Jeans, and Jackets etc. The shirt with your initials embroidered becomes a special gift and makes it unique. If you are going to select this as a gift, it is going to be useful and memorable to him.


valentines day gift scrap book for him

valentine’s day gift scrapbook for him

The photographs are considered as one of the best things invented in the modern age. It really captured a lot of unforgettable memories. It allows us to get back to that moment each time we take a look at the photographs. A scrapbook containing the collections of the photographs of your romantic memories is going to be a fantabulous gift for him. It is definitely going to bring out happy tears from his eyes.


valentine's day gift wallet for him

valentine’s day gift wallet for him

` ` A Wallet is one of the common also a necessity gifts to a man in every special occasion. It is one of the things which he is going to have with him every day when he is going out. This is really a touching gift for him. Currently, there are more varieties of wallets available and the material by which it is made is also different and unique. There is also a smart wallet which is going to be available in markets in the coming days.

Valentine’s Day Quotes

Happy Valentines Day 2019 Quotes, 13 Best Valentines Day Quotes SayingsHappy Valentines Day 2019 Quotes, 13 Best Valentines Day Quotes Sayings

Check Some Special Quotes For Valentines Day 2019 Of Valentine Week

  • “If I wake up one day and I was asked for a wish,
    Mine would be that our love should last till we see fish on the tree and stars on the ground.
    Happy Valentines Day my love. . .


  • “Forgetting you is very hard to do,
    Forgetting me is up to you,
    Forget me not, forget me never,
    Coz I’m in love with you forever. …

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  • I found my weakness at last, its “YOU” <3


  • I wish you miss me as much as I miss you


  • “Will you be my Valentine?” won’t be my question this time

“You are now mine” will be my statement.


  • Look for the

One who wants to be your

Valentine till

End of the World.

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  • Valentine, Valentine where have you been?

I have been wandering to see my Queen

Valentine, Valentine have you seen your Queen?

I found the truth that she is in my heart within.


  • Every letter of the alphabet has amazing words, but I am still in search of the word that best suits the first letter of your name.


  • I don’t want to be a wave that touches your feet,

But, I should be the sand that sticks after you leave the sea.


  • Love is not blind,

It is seen through two Minds.


  • I never knew you would mean this much to me when I saw you for the first time.


  • Among Millions and Millions, I choose one

And found that is equal to none,

Fell in love with you for ton,

Your love is all I have won.


  • The next man I would fall in love in this world would be our “Son”


Valentine Day Memes

Valentine Day 2019 Funny Memes and JokesValentine Day 2019 Funny Memes and Jokes


Here are some Valentines Day 2019 Funny memes to cheer you up. Enjoy!

  • Have you wondered Nov 14 (Children’s day) comes exactly after 9 months from Feb. 14 (Valentines Day)
  • She asked “Do you have date for Valentines Day?”I Said “Yup, February 14th
  • Girls are simple. “If they say Yes it means Yes. if they say No it means Yes. Confusing right?
  • Boy: Do you have “My love is only for you” Valentines card?
  • Shopkeeper: Yes, we do

Boy: Okay then, give me 12 cards of the same color.

Shopkeeper: !?!?!?

  • Wife: I want you to whisper dirty things in my ear

Husband: Dirty kitchen, muddy living room, and moldy bathroom

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  • Girlfriend: Wanna see a magic trick?

Boyfriend: Sure, Babe!

Girlfriend: BAM! You are single

  • Girl: I want to end our relationship. I will give back everything you gave me

Boy: Are you kidding? Ok accepted, let’s start with kisses.

  • Why only 10% of boys make it to “Heaven”? If they all went, it would be called “Hell”
  • They convinced me on my break-up day. “Your perfect girl will arrive at the right time”, Now am 52. I think she ran into an accident.
  • Wish “Happy Valentines Day” to couples and “Happy Independence day” to Singles.
  • On Valentines Day, a boy approaches a kid “Will you pass this letter to your sister? Take these chocolates”. The child went on taking the chocolates and said “Yeah, sure. Please wait till I pass my sister’s letter to my neighbor”
  • Valentines day philosophy, “ Try, Try, until the last girl in the world accepts your proposal”
  • Couple conversing on Valentines day:

Girl: What do you like in me the most?

Boy: You have beautiful teeth.

The girl suddenly took off her dentures…

Girl: Here you gotcha!

Boy: (fainted by seeing the denture)!!!

  • Girl: My parents have arranged for marriage

Boy: I know

Girl: How!!!

Boy: I got fortune cookie stating “Your good time starts today”