Happy Promise Day 2019: SMS, Facebook Status, WhatsApp Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Happy Propose Day 2019

Promises are something which creates a kind of security in listener’s mind. We all make promises to someone who actually matters to us. As well all know Valentine’s week is a time period when all of the relationship happenings occur in these 7 days. Each day of Valentine’s week holds its own important role. But Promise Day is something which enhances the trust between couples. After the successful completion of Rose Day, Propose Day, and Chocolate day. Then comes Promise Day when you actually need to commit promises to your partner.

While we all make promises in some parts of our life, the promises made on Promise day makes the bond stronger. We all know what promises we are supposed to make to our partner. But we need a proper flow and way to make promises. So, in this article we will be including 10+ Promises you should definitely commit to your partner which make your relationship even stronger.

Happy Promise Day 2019: SMS, Facebook Status, WhatsApp Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

#1 I promise that I will love you till the last of my breath, I will make sure that I will stand like a shield to protect you from any harm.

#2 Slowly but surely, I will fulfill all my promises to you.

#3 I don’t need you to promise me anything, I believe our love is not bound by words but by actions and the time we spent to gether..

#4 I promise that I will be on your side even if the whole world is against you.

#5 I promise that I will keep you happy and will fulfill all your desires no matter what I need to do in order to achieve them.

#6 We will share all the happiness and sorrows together. I promise.

#7 I promise you that I will pamper you even more than your parents ever did.

#8 I promise that you will not feel any kind of inferiority in front of anyone.

#9 I promise that I will never hurt you. I will never commit any intentional mistakes that can put our relationship to jeopardy.

#10 I promise you that I will respect you forever and make sure that i will stay this way for you always.

Author Speaks

Promises are something which is spoken from the heart. You can use any of these Promise Day messages along with your own feelings. We would recommend you to commit a promise only if you can keep it because promises are not meant to be broken. Furthermore, a false promise can hurt not only your partner but can also ruin your relationship.

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