Do you wonder what is the best thing about Valentines Week? Yes, it’s the perfect time when we get the opportunity to shower our love and feelings to the person for whom our heart beats for. It is true that there is no such special time frame restriction to love our partner, but the beauty of Valentine’s week that it is solely dedicated to love. In other words, we get to experience romantic things assigned to various dates to show love to our partner.

Propose day 2018 is one of the most important days of valentine week, today we will share some important tips for propose day. You can check those from below.

Happy Propose Day Best Tips – Includes Do’s and Don’ts

propose your love

To avoid rejection, make sure that you know the person in real life and you have spent quality time with him/her.

Don’t just propose anyone, love is something which should involve your seriousness – proposing someone just to get laid is something that doesn’t qualify to include in ethics of love.

Proposing someone means that you’re ready for a serious relationship, which also means that you assign the privilege to your partner that they can now mold your life according to their own choices. Almos half control of your joy, sorrow, happiness, sadness is then depended on your partner, so propose a person who actually cares for you.

Just open your heart up, don’t over-rehearse the dialogues and lines you have prepared to speak in front of your crush. Be genuine, tell what you really feel about that person, avoid continuously using same old pickup lines and dialogues.

two people

Don’t be a creep: Girls don’t like creepy guys, if you feel that she has no interests in you then show maturity and move on and protect your dignity – also there is nothing which can actually work when the other person doesn’t carry feelings for you.

Avoid public places while proposing your crush, rather you should propose your partner in a less crowded place.

Bonus Tip: Evening or Nightime has proven to be more effective and it is the time when there is more probability of getting a positive reply.


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