Nothing is better than proposing your love with a rose, in fact, a love proposal doesn’t complete without a rose. Can you guess what’s better than just giving a rose? Right, the deadly combination of rose with an impressive line would steal the heart of your crush for you. Not all of us need quotes for happy rose day to send it to someone special, but we need it to put a status on social media. Putting down a quote is always better than just writing “happy rose day 2018”. By now you can guess what this article is all about, we will be listing out some of the best and original happy rose day 2018 SMS, Facebook status, Whatsapp messages for you.

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rose-with-letterWe all get nervous while giving a red rose to our love for the first time, so what will this article help you? By the end of this article your confidence will definitely pump up and you will be able to be more impactful and presentable in front of your crush. Apart from using these quotes/messages in front of your love, you can also post it on your facebook status. So without further ado, let’s right go on the journey of best happy rose day 2018 messages and quotes.

Benefits Of Giving A Rose Over Combining It With Expensive Items On Rose Day

  1. First of all, the biggest benefit of putting a proposal with Rose instead of other expensive items is that you can filter out the Gold Digger. If your crush makes you feel that she expected something else, it probably means she’s a gold digger.
  2. It’s just the start of Valentine’s Day, so you would be sure that the partner you are about to pick deserves you. Rose is inexpensive and it won’t put a big hole in your pocket, which means that you can be double sure about your partner before proceeding to upcoming dates of Valentine’s week.
  3. Red Rose is a symbol of love, you already win half of the battle when your crush accepts your rose on the Rose day.
  4. A Red Rose subconsciously manipulates the brain of the receiver, it increases the chance of acceptance of your proposal on the Propose day.

Happy rose day 2018: SMS, Facebook Status, WhatsApp Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

#1 Rose might be just a flower for everyone else, but for us; it’s an emotion defining our love for each other.

#2 I couldn’t find anything as beautiful as you, so I got this rose to admire you.


#3 my cupboard still has the essence of the rose’s fragrance that you gave me for the first time.

#4 can you feel the softness of this rose? my heart holds the same softness for you.

#5 let’s make it clear, I love you, my dear. when you are near i loose all my fear. my intentions are so sheer, so please make it here.

#6 bending on my knees and proposing you with a rose was the most anxious moment for me.

#7 sometimes I feel that you resemble a rose, you have a soft and beautiful heart with thrones like protection for me.

#8 can I rent your heart in exchange for this rose with no conditions applied?

#9 I don’t have a diamond ring to give you at this moment so can you accept this rose as a token of it?


#10 just like a rose is incomplete without its petal, I’m incomplete without you.

#11 the world is harsh and so is the thrones of this rose. but my heart is exceptional and so is this rose.

#12 this rose is straight from the garden just like you are straight from the heaven.

#13 the beauty of this rose may fade away with time but my love for you will never gonna fade till my last breath.

#14 just like a warrior has a sword with a hope to win the war. I have a rose with a hope to win your heart.

#15 I feel this rose is lucky to have you as a companion.

#16 the smell of this rose is still less than the magical fragrance of you.

#17 will you make this rose appear more beautiful by accepting it?


#18 let’s sign a contract of being together for lifelong with this rose witnessing the phenomenon.

#19 The world may digitalize everything, but it can never replace a lover giving a rose to her partner.

#20 This is not just a Rose, my love for you is wrapped around it.

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A few words about Rose day from the Author

Rose day holds an important place in the 7 days of Valentines week. A rose with one of these impactful lines would give a headstart for your entire Valentine week experience. A good start with Rose day doubles the chance of yes on the Propose day which falls on the next date.

Be sure to carry confidence and look straight up into the eyes of your partner while giving a rose. We wish you all the best for the wish you to have happy rose day and all other days of Valentine’s Week.

Need experts opinion solely based on your situation on how to execute a day successfully among any dates of Valentine’s week? Comment down, get the perfect plan.


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