Valentine Day 2019 Funny Memes and Jokes

Valentine Day Memes


Here are some Valentines Day 2019 Funny memes to cheer you up. Enjoy!

  • Have you wondered Nov 14 (Children’s day) comes exactly after 9 months from Feb. 14 (Valentines Day)
  • She asked “Do you have date for Valentines Day?”I Said “Yup, February 14th
  • Girls are simple. “If they say Yes it means Yes. if they say No it means Yes. Confusing right?
  • Boy: Do you have “My love is only for you” Valentines card?
  • Shopkeeper: Yes, we do

Boy: Okay then, give me 12 cards of the same color.

Shopkeeper: !?!?!?

  • Wife: I want you to whisper dirty things in my ear

Husband: Dirty kitchen, muddy living room, and moldy bathroom

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  • Girlfriend: Wanna see a magic trick?

Boyfriend: Sure, Babe!

Girlfriend: BAM! You are single

  • Girl: I want to end our relationship. I will give back everything you gave me

Boy: Are you kidding? Ok accepted, let’s start with kisses.

  • Why only 10% of boys make it to “Heaven”? If they all went, it would be called “Hell”
  • They convinced me on my break-up day. “Your perfect girl will arrive at the right time”, Now am 52. I think she ran into an accident.
  • Wish “Happy Valentines Day” to couples and “Happy Independence day” to Singles.
  • On Valentines Day, a boy approaches a kid “Will you pass this letter to your sister? Take these chocolates”. The child went on taking the chocolates and said “Yeah, sure. Please wait till I pass my sister’s letter to my neighbor”
  • Valentines day philosophy, “ Try, Try, until the last girl in the world accepts your proposal”
  • Couple conversing on Valentines day:

Girl: What do you like in me the most?

Boy: You have beautiful teeth.

The girl suddenly took off her dentures…

Girl: Here you gotcha!

Boy: (fainted by seeing the denture)!!!

  • Girl: My parents have arranged for marriage

Boy: I know

Girl: How!!!

Boy: I got fortune cookie stating “Your good time starts today”

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