Best Ideas For The First Valentines Day

First Valentines Day Ideas

The very first Valentines Day is a special day for everyone. It becomes more important and exceptional to the couples who are going to celebrate this day for the first time together. Those people would have started to think about the plans and ideas to be done on this romantic day.

Some would feel difficult about this and couldn’t make plans to get done on this day. For the people who are going to celebrate their first Valentines Day, this article is going to be very much useful. And this would guide you about the best ways to celebrate it to make it memorable and unique from the upcoming Valentines days.

Some Best Ideas to Celebrate For First Valentines Day

Flower of Love



To start this romantic day, just give your woman flowers. They are considered as the ambassadors of love. Usually, the roses are considered as the flowers of love. It is known to be used since the ancient periods to express the love between one another. Also, it was known that the rose is the favorite flower of the Roman Goddess of love, Venus. It could be the reason why we are using this flower especially to express love to our beloved one. You could either start the day by giving a single rose or better, the bunch of roses along with its stem. It would make the day so soft and soothing which could make this unforgettable.

Presenting a Surprise Gift

presenting a surprise gift on valentine

presenting a surprise gift on valentine

The gifts are one of the most favorites among every one of us. You can make this day most memorable throughout the life by giving a present to your love with a surprise gesture. You might be thinking, how can you make this day into a surprise event?

Place the gift which you have bought for your love in some romantic environment and take her/him there with closed eyes. Reveal the gift with surprise word pronounced in his/her ears in a husky voice. It would surprise your love and would definitely take them to a romantic mood. For ladies, a diamond ring inside a leather box would be one of the best gifts for them which would stand in her heart forever. For men, there is no specific gift. There are many gifts like electronic gadgets, dress and more.

A Poem to Your Love

a poem for your love on valentine

a poem for your love on valentines day

There are many pre-printed greeting cards available during this celebration. In my view, this could not do much when compared with the poems written by your own hand. You don’t need to be a poet to write one. Just write how you are feeling when you are along with your love. Express the feel through the words either written on a paper or even through short messages which are modernly used by the current generation of youngsters. Try to decorate the work you have done in the letter by using markers and sketches. Sticking the photos of you both is an added attraction to impress your girl/boy.

Spending Time With Your Partner

spending time with partner on valentine day

spending time with a partner on valentine day

One of the most precious things for anyone is time. So spending your precious time for your loved one is going to be one of invaluable gift for her/him. You can just plan for a romantic outing with your partner. It could be like a visit to the park, beach, and cinemas, etc. Taking photographs on those occasions would become wonderful memories to look back on future days.

Romantic Dinner

romantic dinner on valentine day

romantic dinner on valentine day

This could be implemented at the end of this romantic day. You can book a table in a luxurious hotel for this dinner to surprise your love. This could make your day fulfilled and you could kiss your love to show that you are caring for him/her.

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